Bathroom Transformation 

This post makes me excited 😊 

I’ve lived in this house (my fiancés house originally) for 4 years nearly and I really love it. Since I’ve moved in we’ve changed things here and there to transform it into a Home. However, the one place that hasn’t been changed (except switching from a bath to a shower and new floor tiles) is the bathroom. It was never a room I was bothered about until recently. As long as it was clean, that was my concern. However, the more I looked at it and the tiles on the wall and that dreaded shower curtain, I realised how it really didn’t look well at all. 

So we made the decision to retile the walls, add in a shower glass and a few little decorative bits 😁 

Of course I had to document the transformation as I was so excited for it. It was a two day job which resulted in me having to leave the house from 9-5ish with a 6 month old but that’s a whole other blog post 😔 

I took some before photos so you could compare the old and new

And the after photos 😍😍

I’m so so happy with the results. We still have to get a towel holder and toilet roll holder for the wall but other than that it’s finished. Not bad for two days work and simply replacing a few tiles and adding shower glass 😍 
Hope you all enjoy blog soon 

Laur ❤


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