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Extra Easy SP Food Diary

Hello again ๐Ÿ™‚

First let me say Thank you to all those who are viewing my blog and liking my posts โค

This post is going to be a food diary for two days. These days in particular I was following Slimming World Extra Easy SP to boost my weight loss as I have been hovering around the same weight since before Christmas…!!

Extra Easy SP is basically no carbs. No potatoes, rice, pasta, yogurts or any other free food. S stands for Speed and P for Protein. Half of your plate must be S and the other half P. You can have 1 healthy extra A choice and 2 healthy extra B choices as well as your 5-15 syns. That’s just a quick summary of the SP plan for those wondering. sp

Lets see the food diary now Lauren…..

Day 1

Breakfast: 3 bacon medallions (fat removed),a fried egg, beans and a punnet of button mushrooms

Lunch: A bowl of my Quick And Easy Speedy Slimming World Soup and 60g wholemeal bread (1st hexB)

Dinner: 2 pork medallions (fat removed) carrots, turnip, spicy beans with mushrooms

Snacks: 1 of my Slimming World Coconut & Chocolate Meringues  (1 syn) an alpen light + a benefit light (2nd hexB) a salted caramel fibre one 90 bar (4 syns) and 4 fruit pastilles (2 syns)

Drinks: Water with blackcurrant miwadi, 1 can of red thunder light, 1 can of diet coke.

So there you have it, All S & P foods, 7 syns worth of treats and mostly water throughout the day.

Day 2

Breakfast: 3 bacon medallions, mushrooms, beans and a fried egg 

Lunch: Speed soup and spicy beans (baked beans, mushrooms, pork, paprika, chilli flakes, cayenne pepper) 

Dinner: Bolognese with carrots and mushrooms, round wholemeal pitta bread (1st healthy extra B)  

Snacks: Alpen light, Benefit light(2nd healthy extra B) Coconut & Choc meringue (1syn) fibre one brownie (4syns) Maltesers bunny(3syns) 

Drinks: 1 can red thunder light, 1 can Coke Zero, water 

Ending the day fully on plan and using 8 syns. 

Extra Easy SP is a great way to boost weight loss. I still have a few days to go before weigh in but hopefully it helps me get a bigger loss and finally break from this plateau I’ve been on. Will update when I’ve weighed in ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป 

As always, any recreations or suggestions leave me a comment or head over to my instagram @laur21_sw ๐Ÿ˜˜

Laur โค


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