The Day My Life Began

When I say “The day my life began” I’m referring to August 1st 2016. It was a Monday and the weather was pretty decent, well not that I would know because I had been in Hospital from the Sunday morning at 7:30am.

The reason I was in hospital was for my Induction of labour. I was 40w+3d pregnant with my first child, a baby girl. I had been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes at 37 weeks so my doctor thought best to book an induction. So I arrived at the hospital at 7:30am on the 31st July with my fiance Antony. After a long day of waiting around, my waters were broken at 7:45pm and I immediately started contracting. I was moved to the delivery suite within an hour and hooked up to an oxytocin drip. Contractions were coming fast and strong and for the first couple of hours I relied on Gas & Air. However, when my midwife examined me at around 11pm and informed me i was still only 1-2cm I knew we were in for a long night.

She advised I get the epidural as an oxytocin labour can be very long and I would be wrecked by the time I was ready to push. I took her advice because lets face it I am nobody’s hero! An hour later, epidural done and dusted and I settled in for the night. My contractions were up and down. Strong then weak and I wasn’t advancing any quicker. In the early hours of the Monday morning, maybe 4am, I started to feel extremely strong and painful contractions. When the midwife investigated, she realised my epidural had disconnected from my back and had completely worn off. She connected it again but it never fully kicked back in!!!! I was back on the gas & air.

Fast forward a few hours and I was now 10cm at 8:30am. The new midwives explained I’d have to wait an hour before pushing to let the baby crown. An hour later, still a weak epidural, not allowed the gas, I began to push. I pushed for an hour when we realised I needed help. Baby needed to be vacuumed which resulted in an episiotomy. My beautiful Baby Girl Dayna was born at 10:43am on Monday the 1st August 2016. She was placed on my stomach for a brief second until the paediatrician took her to examine her. Totally normal after an assisted delivery. She was perfect, but I was not!

After i delivered the placenta, I began to haemorrhage. My placenta has broken up and some of it wasn’t delivered. A million and one injections later and I was being whisked to theatre to stop the bleed. The rest was a blur of doctors, nurses, anaesthesiologists, porters, theatre lights, vomit and panic. Everything turned out fine in the end thank god ๐Ÿ™‚

I was brought to the recovery room and whilst there I was asked would it be Ok if Dayna was given a bottle of formula. Of course I agreed as I was in no state to feed her myself. I was eventually wheeled back up to my room where my new family was waiting for me. I gave birth at 10:43am and I didn’t get to properly see or hold my baby until after 2pm. It was a very traumatic experience, something I never want to relive. But it was all totally worth it when I look at my precious girl now almost 6 months old.

And there you have it, The Day My Life Began all because of my beautiful Baby girl xxx


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