slimming world

My Slimming World Journey So Far 

iphone-back-up-jan17-001I Started following SW from home 17th September 2016. My motivation was the fact I lost all of my pregnancy weight plus a little more only a few weeks after giving birth. I wanted to keep going and finally shed the unwanted pounds once and for all.

My Start weight was 12st 7lb, 6 weeks after giving birth. I fell into a rhythm quite fast. I was enjoying healthy eating and cooking from scratch. Seeing the numbers go down on the scales kept me motivated and gave me the willpower to keep at it.

17th of October and I was down half a stone. 14th of November and I was down a stone 😁 12th December at I got my 1.5st award. To say I was thrilled was an understatement. It was the lowest weight I’ve been since I could remember.

Today 25th January 2017, I am down 23.5lb and still on my slimming world journey. I’m hoping to lose another stone to be at target. I just take one day at a time and if I want a day off plan to eat all the bad food, I’ll have it. This is a lifestyle change. So everyday is different. Some days are great some not so great. That’s why Slimming World works so well for me. And that’s why I’ll continue to follow the plan indefinitely ❣️

Laur ❤


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